Monday, November 12, 2012

Den/TV Nook

I am so in love with this space...

The TV was completely moved from the old "den" in the kitchen area to this new space. It's a standard rule for me that I don't like the TV to be visible to guests when they walk into my home, as TV to me is a secondary existence while conversational seating encourages people to sit and enjoy each other. However, I recognized that I truly wasn't drawn to watching the TV in such a set-off part of the house, and so I'd hemmed and hawed over other areas to have a den/TV space. Space wise it's honestly perfect-- a little corner area that still has access to see the fireplace AND let's me see out the back and front windows all at the same time. (Plus the front living room is still the main focal point when you walk in the front door...) To say I relish sitting there on the couch to read or just enjoy life is an understatement, so the room is definitely getting used for more than just the TV anyway. :)

Obviously the biggest change to this space is that the table moved out, the couch moved up (from the sunken living room), and the TV in. A couple of the pillows on the couch were new clearance items last month and another one I made via a trip to Joanne's and the sewing machine. 

The drapes got moved from the front room (aka now the office) to this space and a new mirror was added to increase light. The large carved mask on the far right was purchased on my first road trip to San Antonio in 2010 and the zebra mask was picked up on this summer's road trip to Arizona---both have happy memories and mesh with the cultural/earthy stuff I love.

The couch I love, is extra long and thus can serve as a twin bed, and has that modern vibe only West Elm can perfect. The (Target) ottoman is also multifunctional: storage, foot propping, and also table (the top flips).

If I was to stay in the house long term, I'd like to invest in a smaller sectional for this space and move the large couch back down into the regular living room. I also am surprised I'm not hankering for an area rug here...... Again I have rediscovered that I have exactly what I NEED, these ideas are more excessive wants....sigh.

The actual TV set-up: 
I'm half inclined to eventually change to an old second-hand armoire  that can close off the TV, but for now I actually like what I've got and the fact that the hazy glass doors more or less hide everything away. The TV stand came from craigslist last spring/summer, we made the TV swap/purchase this summer (we split the cost on a new one for Tall D and I took the old one), the glass containers were extras from Mom's garage, and the framed pictures were thrifted from Goodwill. 

Definitely cozy/inviting and I forsee many evenings spent curled up in this space! LOVE!


  1. Very nice! I definitely understand wanting to hide the TV. I haven't figured that out yet though :-)

    1. Ha yea I hear ya! Growing up my parents had this built-for-them carved TV cabinet that had doors that slid out to cover the front of the TV (although we seriously rarely used this feature). Now the main things I've seen are the old antiques that you can shut off once they're converted!