Thursday, January 15, 2015

Week in Review

Woo...what a full, stressed but also incredible week it's been.

After my first Saturday class (which actually it isn't too bad to teach on a Saturday!), I ended up coming home for a nap and then studying for a bit. I'd been really wanting to see the movie Fury and best bud just ended his relationship, so I convinced him to hit up the cheap theatre with me for movie time and beers and convo after. It ended up being a really fun night and the movie was really well done....but it also made for lots of sleeping and hydration needs on Sunday.

Mom & Granny were supposed to come for lunch on Monday but in the end they didn't. After multiple days of studying for my written massage exam the stress was pretty high, so the dogs and I used the free Monday hours to head to one of our most traveled trails to get a hike in. Much needed and it was so restoring! I realized on trail how insignificant my stressors truly are in the bigger picture and I made myself take time to actually stop and breath deeply and touch the surrounding things in my environment--it was great.

Monday evening was the big National Championship football game and I think most of Oregon was watching to see how UO would do. (We didn't play all.) I also attended the first in a three class series on Wine & Food with my buddy/colleague and his fiance. It was fun to try something different, learn SO much more about how wine is changed by food pairings, and spend time with one of my favorite couples.

I spent the rest of that night chatting with my housemate and offering thoughts and insights. I'd allowed myself the day to NOT study at all....much needed and so well taken! ;)

Tuesday morning held the next Africa meeting....more incredible news and open doors...and as of right now, I'll be joining a group to Tanzania for three weeks in July. A few more things still need to fall into place and I need to apply for the actual slot...but this whole opportunity continues to be Dreams in motion...with the potential for it to be even more!

Tuesday & Wednesday evenings I taught, and much of Wednesday afternoon held a mix of studying and grading...and attempting to distract my returning stress.

Today I spent some time researching various options for travel and uh, PhD programs. Yep, don't ask...I don't want to think about it yet....but the potential need for that day might be on the horizon... I'm pretty tired of being a student at this point and really need a break to just enjoy/stabilize/focus.....but if I want to continue in academia and potentially transition to a 4 year institution...then I will eventually need a PhD....and this came to my attention earlier this week...

And then this evening.....I took the worst written exam I have ever had the distinct pleasure of taking...walked out of the test unsure of how I did and finally looked at the results to see that amazingly and thankfully I had passed the needed written exam. Thank God! Woohoo! One of two exams down....two weeks to study and re-memorize all the muscles for the practical exam. I cannot wait for this to be over. :) And I also have a new business idea for once I'm actually licensed that I've been running by people.

Post-exam this evening I headed to dinner & vino time with my nearby aunt and uncle. We haven't had the opportunity to really catch up since late Nov/early Dec, so it was great to check in with them and update them on all the new developments that have been occurring. It was the perfect way to destress after the exam tonight :)

Tomorrow holds a morning date and followed up with a running outing with friends. Dependent on how the day goes, there might be more grading and studying. Saturday morning will be the end of the teaching week with my morning class and I might hit up the gym on campus post-class. There's more grading to be had and more muscles to review over the long weekend, but Sunday night also holds a birthday party for an acquaintance at a wine bar and Monday has a coffee date with a friend and potentially an outdoor outing.

Besides the hike and the awesomeness of the Africa meeting, there were quite a few other moments of joy and excitement this week:

I made it through a Target trip in which I literally walked out empty handed...and with no desire to buy any clothes/shoes/accessories that were on display....pretty amazing.

Newest short term housemate is en route. She will arrive on Monday and should be here as long as all goes well until the beginning of May. She's also originally from Argentina...and I'm so hopeful she might help me brush up my Spanish! :)

Best buddy and I already had discussed a new snowshoe overnight trip for a weekend in February. I wanted to try snow camping but he suggested that we try an open shelter concept first. We're also planning on taking my gal T along and probably at least one other person also. AND THEN I found out the official wedding date for my buddy who is getting married in Alberta this summer and it's looking like I should probably be able to make it, which T and Reg D are wanting in on the trip too. If all worked out like a dream take 2 for the summer, then we'd be able to take a couple week trip to hit Glacier NP in Montana, Jasper NP & Banff NP in Alberta, and perhaps just perhaps swing a couple days in Yellowstone. Still in the dreaming stages BUT dreaming makes me, even if it doesn't always pan out. AND THEN to add onto the dreaming, Reg D asked if I might be interested in a kayak camping trip to an amazing destination over Spring Break....uh yep, dude, I IF all of these amazing dreams work out for this spring/summer then I would literally cross six life goals off the list. Lots of research/planning to do regarding logistics, but the nice thing is that we at least already have most the gear. Here's hoping that the trips can truly work out! Especially since they give me so much to look forward to :)

Beyond all of the various camps of this week, it also dawned on me that I also need to start putting those snowboard lessons on the calendar with my gal and her husband. We're in a weird warm spell so who knows what the rest of "winter" is going to be like this year. I'm also in the process of scheduling a massage workshop at my place for a handful of my classmates and myself with one of our favorite instructors. It's always pretty crazy when the calendar already starts filling up months in advance!

With all that already has been revealing there is a good chance that this year is going to be more full and life re-directing than I ever could have possibly imagined. I never feel like I truly choose the 'word' for the year but rather that the word chooses me. The words already coming to mind for this year are EMBRACE and ACCEPT. We'll see how the rest of the year continues to evolve, but I'm hoping to focus on doing both of those very actions throughout the months ahead.

What's been going on in your neck of the woods?! Hoping you have a restorative weekend ahead!


  1. You have had a busy week! Those backpacking/camping & kayaking trips you have on deck for this summer sound so amazing and fun! Love that you are embracing all the positive in your life right now. Happy Friday :)

  2. Congrats on passing that test! What a relief, especially after not having a good feeling about it! It will be great to have these exams behind you!

    I am always amazed at how much you fit into each week! You are busy, girl! We had a fun weekend up at my parents. We came back in the afternoon and it was nice to have the evening to relax. I had today off so I've been doing stuff around the house and I crossed 2 more projects of my organizational to do list which felt great!

  3. I'm always impressed in the variety that you do! It sounds like lots of fun adventures ahead. And those hikes... envious. We've been trying to do a little more "local hiking," but it sure isn't the same as driving out to some cool, less traveled spot. But it fits the bill when time is limited. :)