Saturday, January 10, 2015

Random Randoms

On Instagram I was tagged by another outdoor individual to share five non-fitness things about me and I truthfully had a hard time streamlining what five things to put down :)

It made me think about how much I love when other bloggers share random thoughts so I thought I'd post a few of them here too.

The ones I shared on Instagram were the following:
1) I've always made friends with dudes more easily than with females. It took me much longer to figure out how to be close friends with gals. I love my gals...and so appreciate my male friends too.
2) My coffee addiction is mental rather than physical...thinking about switching to decaf.
3) Sometimes I really miss my old Spanish skills.
4) Someday I hope to have (adopt) kids. If I have a daughter I'm thinking about trying to raise her to be the real life Lara Croft.
5) At 28, I'd already reached what I thought were my professional goals. By 30, my two biggest life fears happened. Life is still evolving...I can only imagine what is in store in the next 50-70 years ahead.

Some of the others that came to mind included:
--I've cured my Target cardigan addiction.
--Every morning starts with a banana.
--I play well with veterans.
--Until six years ago, I never really liked dogs.
--I'm the youngest of four, but closer in age to my two oldest nephews than my oldest sibling.
--My parallel lives include a version of me that went to College of Charleston in SC and is a marine biologist....and one that is a fashion and home decorator based on thrifted and/or created finds.
--My inner environmentalist is still trying to figure herself out.
--My home is my sanctuary.
--In reality, I'm even more anal-retentive than I let on. Living with various others makes me really have to try to keep this in check.
--Case in point...I believe counters should be wiped down routinely.
--If I could do anything with my life, ie money and responsibility was of no concern, I would wander the globe helping and getting to know people. Culture was my first love. Helping others is my true heart calling.
--Yesterday I just started journaling again for the first time in over ten years.
--Journaling feels better when done in pencil.
--Sunshine pouring through my windows stirs my soul.
--When stressed, I am easily overstimulated.
--Diamonds are not a girl's best friend.
--Slowing off from exercising so much is going to be harder than I thought.
--The first week of the term can be one of the most stressful for instructors.
--Nothing cuter than Roxi toting her stuffed puppy around every time I vacuum. :)

And there you have it--random randoms of the month :)


  1. I also have always been much better with guy friends than girl friends :-) But, I have some wonderful online gals that I love! And I am fully on decaf now, but still drink a pot every morning...well...the goal is to drink it in the morning. Sometimes I end up reheating the same cup for hours on end and then I just give up :-)

    1. Ha I love hearing that you're on decaf :) It definitely can cool down so soon and now that you have three littles in your life, I can imagine there are plenty of distractions that allow it to cool quickly!

  2. I never would have guessed that you weren't a dog person in the past! I figured you were always a dog lover!

    I do like random posts like this as you do learn a lot about a person! I think I could ditch caffeine too as I went without it when I had the flu over Christmas but I haven't tested it out during a work week. I'd have to switch to decaf, too, though as I love the ritual of having coffee.

    1. Lisa, nope, I didn't grow up with dogs and was always opposed to the smell, picking up after them, and the fur....the non-stop fur! But my ex wanted dogs, so we got them....and then they turned out to be life savers. Couldn't really imagine not having them most days!

      And IS the ritual! I love starting the morning with that mug wrapped in my hands, the steam rising off the top, the smell, and the consistency that the coffee presents that can't be mimicked by tea (I've tried). It's just so soothing and truly signifies that morning has begun. Haven't purchased the decaf yet but definitely need to try it out. :) Hope you had a great weekend!