Thursday, January 8, 2015

Frozen Gorge Waterfalls

The first true hike of the year happened on Sunday, as my housemate has been wanting to start hiking more. She had asked on Saturday evening if I would go on a hike with her and since I had been seeing the frozen gorge waterfalls show up on various IG feeds, I decided to arrange a little tour of the various easier falls in the Gorge. Due to daylight we ended up only having time to make it to three of the four locations, I'd planned on, but it was awesome getting to see the falls with lots of frozen sections as well. The trails themselves were slippery as they were frozen in patches and sometimes the mud was frozen without really showing that it we had to be pretty cautious while hiking. But it truthfully it was a fun and beautiful outing...and it's always so neat to be able to walk so closely to the waterfalls :)

The housemate looking at Lower & Upper Latourell Falls.

The dogs and I on the bridge by Upper Latourell Falls.

Wakeena Falls

And beautiful patches of frozen Multnomah Falls (the tallest falls in Oregon).

If we get another cold patch, I honestly might have to go back to see more and to check out the other ones we didn't make it to on this day. But again it was so great to encourage my housemate toward returning to hiking and to see something I've been wanting to check out while also exposing her to something entirely new. I had the opportunity to ENJOY & EMBRACE (even while literally exhausted on this day) while also taking someone on a new outdoor adventure :) Loving making progress and relishing the simple moments presented by those 2015 goals.

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  1. Wow, that look beautiful! I love the juxtaposition of your last 2 posts as the one was all wintery and frozen and then the scenery in this one was completely different!