Friday, January 9, 2015

Recent Thrift Store Scores

Technically I went into the thrift store on the look-out for a button-up plaid shirt and a black leather pencil skirt. Although I am sort of wondering if a black leather pencil skirt might emit too much sexiness to be teacher appropriate. I've seen some pretty tasteful ones on pinterest, but there are quite a few tasteless ones on display also.

But the following also demonstrates why I both love my local thrift store and why I plan to stay out of it in the months to come now....

Here's what I scored just by looking:
Cute cardigan that can be dressed up with a button-down and pencil skirt for work or dressed down with jeans for every day. And a cute henley style shirt in a color that's great for my skin tone.

This beaded tunic that left me laughing at how much my style goes in circles (I used to be drawn to this more ethnic style all the time in undergrad)....and can be worn tucked into a pencil skirt, with various colored or black leggings, or perhaps with jeans. (It was 50% off even!)

And this long sweater which will go with pretty much anything. Since I've pretty much been living in that other thrifted sweater, I decided that picking up this other gem would also be worthwhile. I'm in love...and in fact, the tank and leggings in this picture are also thrifted.

But total: $31 spent for a shirt, cardigan, tunic, long sweater, and a new pair of fleece lined leggings that are perfect under my waterproof pants on outdoor adventures

PS My hair is getting really, really long...trying to decide what to do with it. Keep it going or chop it off. If I keep it, I don't have to pay for hair cuts! :)

The new term has me thinking about new outfits to put together, although I'll probably just revert to ones that I loved from past terms. And honestly, I have a feeling that with my Saturday class I might end up dressing in a more laid back style than I do for my evening courses... we'll see how the class presents and how rushed I'm feeling in the mornings on those days...but come on, it's Saturday! ;)


  1. I am so impressed by the items you find while thrifting! I am terrible at thrifting because I feel like you have to sort through so much stuff to find things and I get super overwhelmed! But I see what you get and how much you save and it makes me wish I could hire you to find things for me. ;)

    1. Ha---I think it helps cause I grew up with my mom loving thrift stores, so I learned that you had to go through the racks and try on a ton at times to get a bunch. These days I know my style and shape more, so it's easier to pull something from the rack and guesstimate whether or not it will work. I think on that particular day I tried on 9 items, bought the four and really contemplated a 5th item. (Well plus the leggings but they were still in new packaging so I didn't try them on.) In a dream world, I'd totally get paid to take people thrifting and help them find items! ;)

  2. Awesome! I recently really got into thrifting myself but I do find that I really need to dedicate time to it because I can spend an hour in the thrift store, try on 20 things and only find three good things. But the awesome deals are worth it! I got some great stuff at the thrift store last fall. I love that last cardigan you got, I wear cardigans like that all the time this time of year!

  3. Ah, I LOVE that long sweater. It looks so comfy and warm for winter. I STILL need to plan a weekend get together sometime with you to either go thrifting or hiking or both! Preferably before I get HUGE. ;) Maybe Feb or March?