Sunday, March 30, 2014

Style Evolution

When I look back on prior outfit posts, I sometimes cringe at the combinations I used to create. As my body has evolved (and I've continued to forgo buying new clothes), I've had to rediscover new ways of dressing it appropriately.

On instagram I had been documenting my work outfits to avoid duplication during the term, but sometimes I still take other pictures of outfits I love as well.

These are a few from the last three months that I have loved and have let me know that I've arrived at a style that seems to be working for my body:

On the plus side, everything that has been pictured (minus the black skinnies) either has been in my closet for 2+ years or was thrifted during the last two years. LOVE. It's seriously great to feel that I already own what I need in terms of clothing (and well, really most things), and I'm happy to finally have reached a point where I can put together things that are comfortable, flattering, and very representative of plain jane me :)

1 comment:

  1. I always love your looks. You are so good at laying and wearing belts and your outfits always look so pulled together. I am impressed by how little you shop but your outfits still look fresh and fun to me! I have cut back on spending but I did use a 50% off 5 items coupon at Banana Republic this month.