Monday, March 31, 2014

December 2013 Hiking Outings

So there have been some really great excursions in the last few months that I haven't posted. I know I mentioned some of the hikes that were taken over the Christmas break but I didn't upload any pictures from them and since I also like to use this blog as a record of great outings and a way to help remember fun excursions, I want to take the time to do a couple posts from great outdoor adventures.

There were two snow shoe outings/attempts in early to mid December:

White River with the first snowfall and getting to try out the new snowshoes:

Roxi's fist pumping she's so excited! :)

Twin Lakes snowshoe attempt (snowshoes left in car, but slippery 3 mile hike):
Hmm....where's the solid snow?!

Old Salmon River Trail thru old growth forest (a wonderful day hike selection by regular D over Christmas break): 

(Mile 800 for the year!)

At 50, I'll probably still be crawling into hobbit holes in trees....

(And this is one of my favorite pictures of the year...)

Finishing off Salmon River Trail with prior housemate Angie:

Heading around the final corner at the end.

At the viewpoint and the final hike/mileage of 2013.

We didn't have as much overall snow this year and it was late coming, but what we did have was an awesome year-round hiking season! :)


  1. Wow, those photos are gorgeous. You are so lucky that you live in such a beautiful part of the country. The Old Salmon River Trail looks so gorgeous!!!

    1. SO many great trails! Let me know if you want to come back this way to visit :)