Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Virtual Coffee Date :)

If we were meeting for coffee:

---I'd ask what you've been up to, how your day/week/month/spring has been, and what's been on your mind lately? I'd probably feel a lil guilty for being so absent throughout winter's end.

--If you mentioned my hair cut, I'd tell you how it's a nice change but that I'm struggling to handle it in my face while running. About how much I love $15 haircuts at Great Clips and then leaving a big tip for the hair dresser. About how it took me 6 months to decide to chop it back off, since it sometimes can take years to regrow....and about how so many told me to leave it long, even though now everyone seems to love the new look :)

--I'd tell you about how nice it is to just be working one job at a time while alternate spring breaks are happening. About how I'm somehow teaching a fuller load again next term than originally intention-ed, but that due to scheduling and the actual classes I think it won't be as bad as this one. I'd tell you how nice it was to get in a kayaking class on Friday and spend two nights & a day back at the coast again. I'd daydream about heading over to central Oregon and mention my upcoming trip to the NE mid-April.

--We'd probably talk about the fact that I've re-immersed in socializing and how great it was to host 20 people in my home for dinner two weekends ago. What a joy it was to treat my cousin to happy hour this evening and how fun it was to hang out all St Patrick's Day evening with a buddy of mine in NE Portland. I plan to host another dinner in early June and just scheduled a girls brunch for mid May as well.

--I'm sure I'd mention how excited I am to see one of my gals in Washington DC prior to the work conference at Yale. How much I enjoy time with her and how great it will be to jog through the city with her in the evenings. She and our other mutual friend will also rendezvous in late September in New Orleans for a fun girls weekend, and that other friend and I also bought tickets to a concert in early September.

--I'd probably laugh a bit about how the calendar is already filling up from now until October (but I'd also sigh internally somewhat). I might sneakily mention that Reg D is in maybe status for still doing the Peacecorps and how much I miss regular chats with him. How much I've realized that he truly was a non-romantic partner....and how much his absence in my life has allowed me to realize the space that exists for an actual romantic partner.....which might lead into a conversation about how frustrating it can be at times to find someONE to date seriously and long term in one's 30s.....(and which there might be a whole entertaining blog post on this later). And how I've suddenly turned that window of life where not only am I really wanting a true life partner who is intent on a solid foundation and mutually shared vision for the future...but I'm googly eye balling every rolly polly baby as well.....

--I might mention how I've decided to use this total "waiting" period of life to start honing in on some of the additional skills that will help me longer term. I'm currently increasing my gardening skills and researching/expanding a medicinal herb garden in the entry way. This year I'm planting some new varieties of things (potatoes, herbs, more veggies) and I also hope to be able to get in some good amounts of preserving before I head out of country this summer. I'm also reading up a lot more on actual homesteading, DIY, and home remedy type of items. I'd truthfully really love to take a class on wildcrafting and local herbalism....

--I might mention that I think I've found a great in-state doctoral program option....but I still need to take the GRE and that I have time as I plan to work in my current position for at least one, if not two more years prior to doing a PhD.

--And truthfully I'd probably complain about the vast amounts of people who have discovered (and moved) to Portland. About how Portland isn't what it used to be. How gentrification has drastically altered original neighbors and pushed already disadvantaged populations out into the fringes. About how horrible traffic has gotten (and the roads beaten up) as the roads (and even the public transport systems) aren't designed for this many people. About how traffic accidents happen ALL.the.TIME these days and how impatient so many of the newer drivers are in the city. About how full trails in the Gorge and the route up the mountain can be....and about how much I miss the prior gem of the city....and how I'm not sure how long the city/suburbs outside of it will continue to sustain me....

There's a lot going on in this brain these days ranging from larger life plans (in pencil), constant immersion in global and environmental issues, daily health needs, half-marathon training, aches of the soul and deep prayers about some things, frustrations with teaching....and lots of brain power focused on trying to focus in on and appreciate the little things. The smallest joy of the moment that never fails to bring a peaceful mind and big smile?? Frogs croaking in evening gets me every time :)

What's going on in your heart, mind, your neck of the woods?!

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  1. Wow, you've got lots going on these days! I'm envious of your garden! I am thinking about planning one at Phil's this summer, though. His yard is very small but I figure I can take over a little corner and plant some things.

    If we met for coffee, I'd drink tea as I can't handle black coffee and I can't have cream/milk since I'm doing whole 30. I can't even have the coconut milk that they serve at Starbucks because it has sugar in it! But I'd tell you that Whole 30 has been a great experiment so far and that it's opening my eyes to how many foods have sugar and crappy preservatives! On a fun note, I'd talk about my upcoming trip to San Francisco in late April and on a not-so-fun note I'd probably whine about not being able to run thanks to the hip problems I'm having.