Monday, February 2, 2015

Winter Work Wear 2015 Take 1

Since we're four weeks into the term, I figured I'd do a work wear post. I just posted my top favorite new combinations on IG today, but I've continued to quietly document what I've been wearing each day so I can continue to avoid repeats throughout the term. Some people find creativity from other means, but choosing what to wear to work is a way that I try to bolster creativity in my life I suppose. And I honestly love that so much of what I wear is usually thrifted. I still haven't decided if I'm trying to make it through any no buy challenge this year or what that might look like, but so far into 2015 I've been to Target twice and walked out empty handed...and I did finally score an awesome thrifted jean jacket :)

Week 1:
Not much variety here actually and most of the class that long sweater was off. This week I was just in a rush to get to work and so my standard pencil skirt and a tucked in shirt seemed to win out :)
Thrifted items: both pencil skirts, first two tops, long cardigan & belt on right

Week 2: 
All about the patterns! Absolutely love the middle outfit.
Thrifted items: entirety of middle outfit, cardigan on left

Week 3: 
Not a fan of the sweater on the right and don't think it "does" much for me. Totally in love with the middle outfit again--it fact it's my favorite thrifted outfit of late.
Thrifted items: entirety of middle outfit (minus boots), belt on left

Week 4: 
Man, my Wednesday night class is getting the better outfits for sure, because again my favorite here is the one in the middle. The teal combo will probably get worn again to teach since I wore it here for the work conference, but it would work well for a Saturday or fitness lecture class.
Thrifted items: skirt on left and right, teal button-up

Beyond the jean jacket, I also found a leather pencil skirt like I'd mentioned previously and if it hadn't have been just a teeny itty bit too small in the hips, then I totally would have bought this sucker too.
I totally think I could pull off something of this cut and style at work, even if it is leather. Thoughts?!

Still haven't decided what to do about the hair, so I seem to just be letting it continue to do it's thing. Although I do think the long hair makes me look younger and I'm not always sure if it's the most "professional" thing in the world...I also do tend to like it.

I'm pretty sure there is a suggested dress code for our Africa trip, so I envision a couple more Goodwill trips in my future for the coming months. But I also just went through my closet to take stock of what I already have and realized that there's plenty I need to be wearing more routinely. Additionally there are items that I need to be willing to pass on to others who will get more use out of them. I keep holding on to some things for that 1-3x a year that I'll wear it, when really I'm sure there are other items that will also make do.

The flat boot look is new for me this term, but I finally noticed that my heeled black boots need to be retipped so until that happens they're potentially a slipping hazard :) It's also neat to be noticing that I've truly developed a "style" of my own for work wear...definitely makes it easier to get ready for work when I already have a pattern down. 

What are your favorite pieces you've been wearing or dreaming of owning?


  1. I really really love that first middle outfit with the chambray shirt and pencil skirt! I haven't been wearing my two chambray shirts at all this winter (but religiously wear them in the summer/fall and maybe that would be a good way for me to wear it to work. Love all your outfits, very cute.

    I've basically been living in leggings, long shirts or cardigans, scarves and boots. It's my January/February uniform when it's slow at work and the weather is crappy :) haha

    1. Leggings, cardigans, scarves, and boots are so comfy and fabulous too though! LOVED the thirfted pencil skirt and seeing your chambray top today!! :)

  2. Can I hire you to thrift outfits for me? You always look so pulled together! It's been cold here lately so I have mostly been wearing dress pants and sweaters which makes me feel so frumpy! But I just can't wear tights when it's so cold out since I walk a mile outside each way... Winter is always such a blah time for my outfits but I do like the outfit I am wearing today as I am wearing some new colored fitted pants.

    1. YES! I'd love it :) Haha. I love coming up with new combos, etc. I blame it on a healthy dose of years of What Not to Wear viewing, but it's so fun coming up with new creations. If you make it out to Oregon, we can totally go thrifting :)