Friday, February 27, 2015

Changes on the Horizon: Chickens

So.many.potential.changes on the horizon for the next six months.

But one change that happened this week was the rehoming of my beautiful, intriguing chickens. I've SO loved these little ladies and I really enjoyed their funny personalities....

BUT I need to just recognize that backyard birds aren't always the best solution in a suburban neighborhood. 

There are lots of potential transitions happening this summer so in the back of my mind I'd been wondering what to do with the birds anyway....but then the ladies started getting out of the yard and wandering the cul-de-sac with the neighbors apparently chasing them back into the yard....

...and even though they aren't roosters, they sure liked to greet the morning at sunrise with lots of loud noise and excitement. When sunrise was at 8am this was less of an issue, but as it's steadily been getting earlier and entire week of 6:40am wake-up calls started to get tiring and I could only imagine how thrilled my neighbors were....'s one thing for me to want the eggs and to enjoy them as fun pets....but it's another to subject my neighbors to disturbances that they never asked for :(

And so two days ago I posted an ad on Craigslist, specifying that my ladies needed more property and to be with someone who was familiar with chickens. And've never had such a Craigslist response! At least 30-40 people responded and some sounded so ideal that I wanted to be a chicken on their properties! In the end, a woman with three acres nearby and ten other hens who are guarded by a farm dog, came and picked my ladies up that same evening.

So sad to say goodbye to my lovely birds...but hopefully they've settled in nicely. figure out what to do with the cat....and see what comes of potential sitters (hopefully for 3-6 months) for my amazing doggies.....


  1. I am glad you found a home for your chickens! I bet it was fun experience to have them but the noise in the morning would REALLY bother me (even though I am an early riser). I hope you find a home for your cat and a long term sitter for your dogs!

  2. Haha I love that you said that some people sounded so great you wanted to be a chicken on their property! So funny!

    Hopefully you don't have too much trouble finding a dog sitter! That would be a good gig for someone who really wants a dog but isn't sure if they are up for the responsibility of one.