Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ten Awesomes as of Late

1. I'm on a salad kick. As in a salad almost every single day. In the summer, I'm not a salad fan. In winter, there's something I love about it. ALWAYS mixed greens with chopped veggies, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds. Today had an egg and fried asparagus thrown on top. Two days ago it was orange roughy (fish). Sometimes it's chopped up steak. Sometimes it's just veggies. But I'm in salad love lately :)

2. The library card makes my heart happy....even if I overdue it and usually have to renew my books at least twice before I get them all read. Still two in but hope to get going on some of the rest here soon! SO glad to be reading for fun again and continuing to learn in my fields in the process. 

3. I made it to the mountain for one snowboarding lesson last week. I ended up realizing that I will probably never be willing to learn toe side. Even though my instructor seemed to think that you can't snowboard only going heel side, apparently people do it. Needless to say I bailed out of my lesson early before I became rude to the instructor, but I had a great time just being up on the mountain soaking up the view, trying to learn a new sport, and drinking a cider on the patio in the sun in the long run. :) At this point most the snow we had is gone again, if we get enough then I might give it one more shot but we'll see what the weather produces! 

4. These chickens. They are SO fun watching them flap, peck, and run around the yard. I seriously am becoming attached to these funny lil ladies and am totally enjoying their almost daily eggs. I'm not completely in love with their incessant noise at 6am and 7am as the day begins however...and I'm hopeful the neighbors aren't too upset about it. (I left a dozen eggs on their doorstep with a note today.) Sometimes I don't feel like I'm a farmer...and then I realize that I partially am...

5. Some mornings you wake up and you just know it's going to be a good & productive day. That's been the case a couple days in the last week. But one of the most awesome things was that a stop at the thrift store scored me the find below! I'd been eye balling this sucker at Target for a couple months and because this one ended up with a small gouge on one of the arms it was sent to the the thrift store. Yep, I'll take it! It will be on my walls in the next month or so :) (And yes, I know it would have been way cooler if it wasn't actually from Target... Ha! :))

6. I also scored two new great shirts. I've been wanting a plaid like shirt so was glad to finally find the one on the left and then the one on the right was awesome for Valentine's day :) Both are comfy, fit well, and wash-and-wear ready.....always requirements! 

7. I was recently gifted the below print from an old friend. The cousin of one of our hometown friends was selling some art work, so he purchased a variety of prints. This one is a picture of the cape where I spent most of my childhood summers (and where the family beach cabin is located). I've been desiring some changes in the house and art work is such an easier way to do that. Scored the frame on sale at Joanne's for $10 also! The photo is amazing and it's great to feature another local artist on my walls. 

8. These two. Need I say more? Look at their lil faces :) These two bring me joy 

9. We've been having such nice sunny weather this week/end. Although this potentially doesn't bode well for our water levels in summer and sure has been nice to do some of my grading curled up in the hammock on the back patio with the dogs and chickens milling about.... 

10. Oh Valentine's Day :) Best bud and I dragged another one of our buddies out with us and took on the night with as many non-Valentine activities as we could think of. ;) We grabbed cheap night happy hour at a BBQ joint, played three games of bowling, drank lots of brews, and then walked to a local dive bar that I'd been wanting to go to and played a couple games of pool. Altogether it was a lot of fun together and a great way to pass the evening :)  

Life feels pretty scattered and all over the place right now due to the abundance of different things going on, but there are so many amazing moments and connections in the midst of all the various pots boiling. What are some of the awesomes you've been having recently?


  1. I've been making at least 2-3 of these salads ahead of time for lunches during the week and LOVING them! So good and so nice to have something all prepped and ready to go in the fridge!

    Also would you believe that the first year or two that I snowboarded I ONLY used toe side?? It took me a long long time to figure out my back edge and to this day I still majorly favour the toe side edge, which results in sore calves after a day of snowboarding!

  2. The salads you described makes me think I should get on a salad kick! I just need to get more organized on the weekend and get things chopped up so it's easy to assemble salads for work! I'm glad you've got so many awesome things going on in your life right now! Some awesomes in my life are my entire Santa Barbara vacation, the fact that I have a mostly unplanned weekend ahead of me, and warm coffee!

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  4. Yum, your salad beast looks pretty tasty. I forget how much I like grilled asparagus really on or with anything. It's been forever since I've taken lessons, but I can imagine learning a new sport would be tough. Someday, I would like to try snowboarding, but I have always skied downhill. And abundance is good (as long as it doesn't wear you out)! :)