Saturday, December 6, 2014

Eagle Creek Fall Hike

This post is way past due (as are many), but I've been meaning to post pictures from some of the fun excursions from this fall. 

Eagle Creek is probably one of the more popular hikes in the Gorge...and I'm not going to lie, for the last two years I haven't been sure as to why. The trail itself has several sections of slippery rocks, especially once you get beyond Tunnel Falls and while the waterfalls are pretty I have never thought they were out of the ordinary. Several of the people I know though sing the praises of Eagle Creek, so earlier this fall I decided to head out to truly give it a chance...and on that particular day I definitely understood why it wins people over.

The dogs and I got on trail a little later than I intended but I had some mental processing to work through so we took to the trail like bandits :) I had hoped that we might be able to make Whatum Lake (which is 13.5 miles up trail), but after monitoring the time and light we turned back about 11 miles up trail and ran the 11 miles back out to the trailhead. 

On this particular day there weren't a ton of people on the trail, but the fall leaves and patchy fog were so incredibly gorgeous. The rain started pouring down on our return trip, but everyone we ran by & chatted with also was smiling in the rain. This also was the first time I'd made it through and past Tunnel Falls, so I was stoked to discover that there are so many additional neat waterfalls on the miles past Tunnel Falls before the trail turns and heads up toward Whatum Lake.

In the summer, Eagle Creek is packed with backpackers and day hikers which I tend to find less appealing, but I'd definitely return in the Fall for another amazing day hike like this one!

Crossing over the creek

One of the first "ledge" sections. The fog beyond was just so pretty!

SO Gorgeous and one of the waterfalls that I hadn't seen's just slightly off the main path in the beginning.

Roxi hanging out next to the soaked & dripping moss covered rocks

The dogs about to head through the tunnel behind Tunnel Falls

The top part of Tunnel Falls

Anna looking down on one of the waterfalls past the most popular part of the trail (many people turn back at Tunnel Falls)

Roxi swimming in a little creek waterfall run off that the trail crosses

22 Mile day hike/trail running--the farthest the ladies and I have traveled solo in one day yet! :)

Altogether it was a beautiful hike and an incredible outing for all of us!

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