Tuesday, December 2, 2014

2014 Clothes Challenge in Review

The 2014 altered clothes challenge granted me permission to pick up something new if it was needed (ie running/outdoor gear) and allowed a more or less free pass on accessories, while not allowing any new clothing purchases for fashion purposes. I did stumble a bit in September and walked out of Target (dang it Target!) with the striped skirt and polka dot blouse in the pictures below (total price: $20!). I've been to my favorite thrift store a few times this year to pick up a couple of items and it's been great to be back in the mindset of "check the thrift store first before thinking of buying it new..." I also inherited two of Granny's velvet blazers and a couple of incredibly beautiful necklaces. Purchased accessories this year included a couple of scarves, a replacement work tote bag (my handle on the old one is breaking), 5ish new pairs of earrings, a couple chunky bracelets, new leggings, & a necklace or two. Altogether I feel like the clothes challenge is ending very well this year however and I'm really proud that I've done as well as I have with this challenge in 2014. 

Even with buying limited new or used items, I cleaned out my closet during late summer and was reminded of just how much I HAVE and that I truly don't need even that much. I could probably downsize even more if I was honest.

So here are a few of my favorite outfits from this last year:
(Ironically, most of these are from this fall)

One of my best looks from the start of the year.
Skirt & shirt both thrifted in prior year.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I have to admit that I'm completely in love with that striped skirt. 
New skirt, 4yo ruffled blue chiffon top and blue flats

LOVED this too. Best part? Everything except the belt is second hand. Top and skirt came from separate thrift stores, shoes I bought off a friend.

The other highlight of this fall is that my aunt altered a bunch of my work clothes to fit my smaller frame. I can finally wear actual work pants & have more work tops for the first time in two years :)

New blouse, Altered trouser jeans, 2yo boots & cardigan

And here becomes the highlight of one of my absolute favorite thrift store purchases of the year:
The thrifted oversize sweater/shawl

This literally has been my go-to first date outfit for the fall :) Well, now it's worn with leopard print flats or tall brown boots and additional gold jewelry. 

Black skinnies were my fail purchase from last year, black t-shirt secondhand from summer housemate, thrifted sweater.

Perfect transitional summer/fall outfit! 4yo military style dress, thrifted belt & sweater.

And this, this has become my go to outfit of the winter!
Leggings, 5yo beat up brown boots, thrifted long gray sweatshirt & sweater :) SO COZY!

I haven't decided what all the challenge will be for 2015 or even if there will be one. It definitely does help keep me from impulse purchases and also keeps me out of the stores in general so there are no impulse purchases :)

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  1. Love all of your outfits! Unfortunately, I am not a hip mama and tend to go the yoga pants/hoodie route :-) Not particularly stylish, but great for art projects, cleaning, and being spit up on! Hope you are well!