Saturday, June 7, 2014

What a Great Day

Seriously, today was amazing. There was a whole lot of awesome. A whole lot of low key. A whole lot of lazy too. And a whole lot of moments when I just thought to myself "This is REAL life. This is MY life" and "I'm so in love with THIS life THIS moment." it's every day this is it, this is Pinterest worthy. :)

Things aren't perfect. But they never will be and I'm okay with that. But there are so many moments when I lay on my back patio and look around my yard, really see my amazing furry companions, appreciate the fluffy chickens sunning next to me or watch them peck around the yard, and take in the raised beds, the fruit trees, the coop coming together, all the simple, easy details of my existence....and I exhale and so deeply feel the fortune that I already have in this life. There is something about being just another element hanging out in my yard...that lets me feel the whole picture is already in completion.

Or maybe it was the moment this morning as I stood on my rental paddleboard and tooled around Ross Island, watching baby ducks & geese swim along their parents or wobble run along the shores, listening to the birds chattering excitedly among the trees, being happily greeted by all the fellow paddlers I crossed paths with, noticing the ebb & flow of conversation among the immigrant men fishing from the shore, the overcast morning being a perfect juxtaposition for the sunshine of the afternoon, and looking up to the hillsides surrounding that area of Portland just full of vibrant greens and SO.MUCH.LIFE.

Or maybe it was the time with family today via a Facetime conversation with my father & Granny this afternoon with Granny looking happy and chattering on about things on their end or the spontaneous dinner invite to my aunt's with my cousin after they came upon me during their evening walk while I was in the front yard weeding and pruning, and the great conversation that ensued with my aunt post dinner.

Or maybe it was the moments I allowed myself to indulge in just plain day dreaming about life, dreaming of what could be evolving, appreciating the awesomeness that already exists.

Regardless of the many other small things that also brightened, today felt like such an incredible day. The days aren't all sunshine & roses around here, but there are plenty of pretty amazing ones...and lots of reasons why they all have something to be grateful for.

Seriously, great day....


  1. I am glad you had such a great day! I love those days where you just think to yourself - wow, life is good. I went a long time without having that thought cross my mind while I was in Charlotte so it's nice to be back living a life where I can say it. I have those moments when I am biking to work, enjoying a latte, running with Phil, and sitting on my patio enjoying my view, among other times.

    I hope today is a great day for you, too! I'm spending mine visiting a friend and her family and visiting my brother's family!

    1. I hear ya gal and I loved seeing your pictures on IG today---you looked SO happy and refreshed :) Today was wonderful as well. I met a new friend for coffee and a walk in the sunshine, my brother helped me finish off the parts that I needed his help on with the arbor & coop, I regained my comfort with the saw & drill finally, and then I spent the evening picking up the yard more and grading---altogether a rewarding day!