Sunday, June 15, 2014

Scappoose Bay Kayaking

Cunningham Slough trip:

Daddy osprey bringing home the feed, while mama circled around us

Saturday Evening Outing:
Bald eagle nest w /baby in nest

Gorgeous views

Heading toward sunset thru the channels
Heading toward the wetlands 

Wetlands Tour:
Beaver house

Lots of geese by the docks

These tours were full of great views & wildlife. I was so impressed with the amount of bald eagles and great blue herons that we saw each time on these tours, and there is something so incredibly peaceful about spending time just paddling out on the water. The trips weren't always 100% smoothly completed (ie there were too many people on one trip, a trainee who fell in, issues with going against current to get out of the wetlands, & a late return on one trip), but the general location, friendly staff, and quality of rentals are great. There is much to explore in Scappoose Bay and I enjoyed renting through Scappoose Bay Kayaking. I love the friendly staff at Portland Kayak Co also, but the boat traffic around Ross Island can be pretty intense, so I'll probably be doing most of my rentals from SBK these days. Regardless, kayaking is...amazing! And I can't wait to eventually be able to attempt a kayak camping trip :)

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  1. Oh fun! I have not been kayaking in so long but really want to do some kayaking this summer. I was thinking about buying a kayak for my parents' lake home but decided to wait and do that next summer when I am more settled and have replenished some of my savings account. :)