Saturday, June 7, 2014

Garden Goods 2014

This last year I paid attention to what I used in terms of frozen and preserved produce. I'm hoping to can, jam, freeze, and dry my way through a LOT more goodies this year...preferrably from free sources if at all possible. Ie I'm trying to get the guts to hit up people in the neighborhood who let their apples & pears rot on the ground ;) I also will frequent the U-picks, my sister and I will be making strawberry jam together, and she's checking with her free blueberry source.

But with all the yard projects, I also changed one of the raised beds and I'm doing a much better job of using total raised bed space this year.  I'm also planning on harvesting and then re-seeding what I can also, ie radishes, carrots, etc.

Garden Box 1:

L-R: Leeks, spinach, carrots, radishes, lettuce, kale, beets, chives, strawberries. In background are the berries and grapes hanging over the fence.

Newly created & relocated cinder block bed: 
A raised bed just for the zucchini to take it over! :)
Background is mint under the berries and garlic.

Garden Box 2: 
L-R: cucumber, onions, bush beans, tomatoes w peas, kale, lettuce, broccoli, brussel sprouts.

Not pictured: more lettuce and an acorn squash in containers out front, two new artichoke plants, the Asian pear got moved this year, strawberries & blueberries in the front, the kiwi is covered in blossoms on the new arbor, and a cherry tomato is out front again. In the coming week I also hope to weed one more area of the front yard and see if I can use that space as another garden space for corn, onions, and a few other things.

It was a major battle with the slugs this year, so  I hate to say it but I caved and sprinkled slug killer all along the sides of the raised beds and below. I had tried picking the slugs off, epsom salt sprinkling, containers of cheap beer, & copper tape....none worked. The hazardous stuff seems to be doing the job.

We'll see what all comes to fruition but it's nice to see stuff finally growing!


  1. I'm almost tempted to buy something if the cucumber beetles and stink bugs come attacking all my squash/cucumbers/winter squash this year...I hate to say it, but they are winning the fight against me! Hoping this year they just never show up...haha :-) Looks good lady!

  2. I am envious of your garden! I miss having access to free fresh produce. I tried doing a patio garden one year but it was an epic fail so I buy my produce from the farmer's market and grocery store. But I might try to grow some herbs this year because there is a planter on my patio of my new condo.