Friday, April 10, 2015

Lent Work-Outs

The Lent Workout Challenge that I did was seriously great motivation to keep me moving daily (although I did miss one day at the beach over spring break when I was too depleted recouping on the couch :)). The dogs loved the walks that we did and I truly feel like they're slowly transitioning to being walkers rather than distance runners. It also was fun to add a bit more diversity to work-outs and to explore more areas. I'm still not pushing it hard by any means, but a bit of physical activity every day also more or less kept my stress and waist line in check.....

So here they are:
1: 3.6m jog, pushups/situps, 3 minute plank
2: 2m walk with dogs, 2 minute plank
3: 3ish m jog with dog
4: walked to grocery store w dogs
5: 3.2m jog w dogs
6: ran w dogs to car dealership (about 4 miles)
7: 2m walk with dogs, 2.5m easy hike with a friend & her baby, 3 minute plank
8: sets of push-ups
9: Jillian Michael's yoga
10: Insanity Power Cardio
11: 2m walk with dogs
12: 2m walk with dogs, 6 hour deep tissue massage workshop
13: Insanity Power Cardio, 1/2m dog walk
14: 5m jog w dogs
15: 2m evening dog walk
16: summitted Kings Mtn (5 miles total, 2500 ft elevation gain)
17: 2.5m easy hike w Landon & dogs
18: 3m easy dog walk
19: 3.2m jog w dogs
20: Insanity Max Conditioning
21: 2 minute plank, 3 sun salutations
22: Insanity Plyo Cardio
23: 4.5 hours of massages, 3m run w dogs
24: 4.2m jog w dogs
25: sets of push-ups
26: Warrior Rock Kayak (6 miles?)
27: 4.2m jog w dogs
28: 3m jog w dogs
29: push-ups & planks
30: 3.5 hours of massages, 2m jog w dogs
31: 20 pushups, 20 squats, sun salutations
32: easy beach walk w dogs
33: nada
34: 2m beach walk, 40ish push ups
35: climbed cape, ran beach, 40 minute kayak
36: 4.5m jog w hill sets, push ups & abs, cleaned two houses
37: 6 hours of massages
38: Scappoose Bay Kayaking (3 miles?)
39: 1.5m dog walk
40: 12.2m Wilson River hike
41: 3m Sellwood Park/Oaks Bottom wandering
42: 6m Sauvie Island beach hike & trail run
43: squats
44: 8 hours of massages

Not bad....! Altogether two kayaking outings, one yoga session, about 89 miles hiked/walked/ran, 29 hours of massages, 4 Insanity DVDs...and a variety of push ups, ab work, planks, squats, and sun salutations. figure out a new motivation to keep myself routinely moving :)


  1. Impressive (and fun) to see all those workouts. Insanity is really hard! I would love to do it again sometime. Just need to snag someone's DVDs in the future again.

  2. Wow! Nice work! You got in so many great workouts during the month! For 6 months last year, I challenged myself to fit in 30 workouts in 30 day (or 31 depending on the # of days in the month) and it was so motivating. I still took rest days so would double up 1-2 days a month to reach my goal.