Monday, March 30, 2015

March Kayaking!

March held two really great kayaking outings. It'd been a while since I'd been out on the water and every time I get back out there I realize just how much I love it. The first trip was probably the best organized tour I've been on. The tour guides were incredible and while the weather was a bit crazy (high wind advisory), the intermediate level required of the group meant that each participant was able to hold their own. This trip was a bit further in length and it was fun to see something new also. 

Warrior Rock Lighthouse Tour:
We banked on Sauvie's Island in the Columbia.

They provided hot cider and a history of the light house while we stretched our legs.

The return trip had some crazy wind and choppy water in some points, but it provided a great work-out! :) SUCH a great tour!

Reg D and I have been wanting to get out in kayaks together for a while. Since we weren't able to take our kayaking trip over spring break, we decided to head up to my favorite waterways on the Friday of Spring Break. The weather was incredible, the boats were as good as always, and we just enjoyed relaxing and exploring many of the various creeks that I've been through on the tours. We were able to see egrets, blue herons, bald eagles, loads of turtles, the beaver's home, and just soak up so much incredible sunshine. I absolutely adore the employees at Scappoose Bay Kayaking and we totally lucked out that when we got back the manager cut me a deal on our rentals. Totally made the three hour rental even more affordable. It's honestly really fun walking into the rental shop and knowing all of the employees at this point also.

Spring Break Day Outing w Reg D:
Heading up the main creek

Reg D had taken a side canal so this was soon after we reconnected via text...and I'd had time for a snack break ;)

Did I mention it was absolutely beautiful this day?

One of the many turtles who was also glad for the sunshine.

Headed to check out the beaver home and bald eagles nest in the flooded pasture area beyond the road.

Absolutely love the various kayaking outings and we're still hoping to get in a kayak camping trip together before the year is out!


  1. Fun! I love kayaking and can't wait to get out to do it this summer. It's just so calming and peaceful!

  2. That looks so awesome!! I can't wait to get out in our kayak lots this summer.