Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Life Less Tired--Spring Break 2015.

Ha, three days to fit in three posts still this month and I've been horrible about keeping up on everyone's blogs again....

But in reflecting upon the last post I wrote...I'm glad to report that I'm finally less tired. Going into spring break I was so incredibly ready for a vacation and a break. The last month I'd definitely been a bit more irritable than some and just generally feeling exhausted. When I couldn't find dog sitters and when it dawned on me that both my outdoor buddy and I were equally stressed and wiped out, we shelved our kayak camping trip for spring break and instead headed to my family's beach cabin on the coast....and honestly in a lot of ways it was just what we both needed. We'd brought our backpacking gear with us but then once the weather was so rainy unpredictable we decided to just hang out at the coast until I had to come back for work.

I ended up experiencing the town way differently than I have before...aka we spent a little too much time at the local bars the first night so most of Sunday was just spent lounging around the cabin. But we had so many great conversations curled up on our separate couches and every day we just re-evaluated the weather and how we were feeling in general to determine how the rest of that day/the week would literally was the perfect, restoring, needed vacation.
We hit up the local dinners for breakfast on three days, ordered pizza at the local spot, and fixed steaks and sweet potatoes for dinner at the cabin another night. We spent one day driving down the coast a bit. The first stop was in Lincoln City where we visited a cute little used bookstore. We both walked out with a couple titles (like I needed more public health books! :)) and had had a great conversation with the quirky book store employee (who was so sweet to offer me chamomile tea for my cough). From there we drove down to Depot Bay which is "the smallest bay in the world" and a spot where my parents used to take us as kids for salt water taffy, wave watching, and kettle corn. Apparently Depot Bay is also a spot where Reg D spent time as a kid. We got caught in some rainshowers and ended up being hungry again, so we grabbed these amazing burgers with saukeraut at this Irish spot in town. From there I wanted to check out something scenic so we kept driving down Hwy 101 to Devil's Churn, where after some funny ill-placed investigation, I finally realized the site was right off the parking lot ;) But rainy days make for some great coastal waves.

The next day after a late breakfast, we headed down to the cape, where Reg D sat on the patio of the local establishment with a book, his camera, and a beer, while the dogs and I climbed up the large sand dune/cape and jogged down the beach some. We'd been wanting to try to do some local kayaking but the shop in town was never open, so we eventually drove down to Devil's Lake near Lincoln City to rent some kayaks for an hour. I had a good time being out on the water but the quality of kayak and the lack of scenery wasn't really up to Reg D's desires. (The entire lake shore here is packed with houses.) This is the night we made steaks and sweet potatoes and sat at the table til 830pm engrossed in conversation. Then since I was still recovering from a cold (and swearing off alcohol for a few days...) I curled up on the couch with a book and Reg D headed down to the locals bar...where he met someone who offered to take us out Dory fishing in the ocean next time we go back.

On Wednesday we spent some time lounging around before I deep cleaned the house for the next family members to enjoy it. I was able to get a good run in this day and also cleaned my own house was I got back to it.

I spent Thursday working in my massage job, giving six massages spread out throughout the day. (I have mixed feelings about this job but it's great experience for a variety of reasons, the extra income is helpful, and the one day a week factor makes it a better fit.) My new term was prepped before I left for vacation, but I allowed myself an hour or so of work on Thursday evening to smooth out details that always appear prior to the start of the term.

Friday, I scooped Reg D up from downtown and we had an incredible afternoon exploring some of my favorite kayaking waterways. Saturday I spent at an amazing continuing education Food as Medicine Symposium. (I hope to write about both of these later :)) I spent the last two nights on the phone talking with my mom and she remarked how great it is to hear me sounding so energized, passionate, and yet relaxed again.

This morning, I'm lounging in bed. Cup of coffee by my side, dogs curled up next to me, sunshine outside, the door open with bird tweets and spring time smells wafting in....trying to decide what the best day hike option might be :) I'd contemplated going to church this morning but am feeling more called to go commune with God in nature's where we do some of our best bonding.

Even with a cough still holding on, a few other changes in the air, and a bit of uncertainty in other areas, life feels pretty incredible at the moment....and I'm finally no longer totally exhausted. :) So grateful for a restoring and much needed spring vacation!


  1. That sounds like the perfect little getaway! I love trips like that where you can wake up each day and see where the day takes you! And it sounds like you had a great friend by your side, too, which makes it even better! I'm glad that you are feeling more rested and less worn out, though. You've been burning the candle from both ends for awhile now!

    Oh and I saw your comment yesterday about the book I was reading... I do think it's important to read books like that as they can help us understand what the soldiers have been there but this book just didn't really work for me. It was a collection of short stories but the author wrote in such a detached manner so I didn't really feel like I got a sense for what the soldiers had been through. I thought some of the stories were better than others but in general I just didn't care for it... But i saw you posted a non-fiction book about the experience of soldiers and I will check that out.

  2. Wow that sounds and looks like an absolutely amazing vacation! Glad you got some much needed rest. The Oregon Coast is so so stunning, I can't wait to travel down it one day!