Monday, August 3, 2015

Catching Up....Sort Of

Hi all!

So this isn't a massive overview update of the Tanzania trip, but I just wanted to check-in to mention that I'm still trying to catch up on life...and work :) Lots of additional work pieces, even with my additional short-term summer course getting cancelled. I'm helping pick up some additional pieces that need assistance with the new job, reviewing and planning a new course that I'm teaching this fall, updating my standard course, adding details to the course I taught in Tanzania and following up with students from there, AND planning a new course/trip to Argentina this winter. Today was a full day of work (from home thankfully) and I forsee at least another two to three days like that this week.

Beyond work, during the ten days I've been home, I spent a weekend at my parents, the dogs and I spent a morning hiking and have been on three jogs, we celebrated Granny's 104th birthday with two family gatherings, I spent an entire day in the yard overhauling the chaos that grew during my absence, I've had two visits from my parents, my young housemate moved out and I turned over the room cause Reg D is residing in the guest room for at least part of this month, Reg D and I have been tackling the show Parenthood together, we floated the river, I met a friend/colleague for lunch & work talk, I went to dinner with an old dude, I cleaned out & reorganized closets, and countless other to-do list items.

To say that I'm still tired from the return is an understatement, but I'm hopeful that once I get a few more of these work ducks in a row and check off a couple more to-do list items that I can spend a few additional days just relaxing. Although there's the Alberta road trip to plan, hopefully the den to paint, a potential half-marathon to start training for, my birthday to celebrate, and the usual research, acquiring, and canning of some local produce :) So many great things to look forward to....once I finish prepping the rest of fall.

Hope you all have been well however....and a Tanzania update is to come still! :)


  1. Welcome back! I am looking forward to hearing more about your time in Tanzania! Sounds like you are super busy but hopefully you get a chance to rest up!

  2. Wow you are so busy! I can only imagine all the things you have to catch up on but I hope you get to fit some relaxation in there as well! Just in the last week I feel like I blinked and summer is almost over, which makes me all kinds of sad, so I'm really going to try and fit as much into this last month of summer as I can!