Friday, May 29, 2015

Happiness Is...

....a day in the yard: sweeping patios, weeding flower and raised beds, watering starts, trimming bushes, finally gathering the last of the winter yard debris, spreading 18 bags of wood chips, mowing lawns.

...a day painting old rockers, creating new outdoor seating areas & a new fire pit area, and finally hanging a clothes line.

...Swahili lessons, end of year happy hrs with colleagues, regular class lectures, and final prepping for summer lessons.

...afternoon runs with the dogs, tails wagging, frequent pee stops, & post jog relaxation. evening over pizza, ice cream, and a couple of brews at various joints downtown helping (Reg) D celebrate his birthday.

...mornings waking up with sunlight streaming in, happy dog faces, and lots of furry cuddles.

...finally going on a "stock up" grocery outing and filling the fridge with food galore, fixings for sausages with kraut, tomatoes & mozzarella, perfectly ripened mangos, ingredients for my chicken/salsa/avocado/blackbean/sourcream/cilantro delight! SO exited to eat at home :)

...having just one housemate for the next three weeks, having the house to myself entirely this weekend, and yet still having rent and everything covered for the summer.

...shock over next week already being June...time sure flies!

...researching week long backpacking options.

....laying in the hammock, warm day, slight breeze blowing, dogs lounging, Texas country playing, smelling Poppa's rose bush blooming, surrounded by kiwi blossoms, dragon flies flying, hard apple cider tasting.

...Netflix marathons: Long Way Down series, I Am and Fed Up documentaries, explorer shows, all inspiring.

...summer planning: late summer trips, bday bbq, pre-travel coffee dates & happy hrs.

...three weeks til Africa traveling!

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