Thursday, September 11, 2014

Life....To Stress Less

I really need to stress less....even if I'm trying not to totally let out my breath even now :)

The last few weeks I've been a little stressed in the back of my mind/cells as I've wrapped up the end of my teaching term, headed toward final projects and finals in massage school, focused on preserving/canning food like it's going out of season, tried to get mileage, thought about relationship options, wondered about budgeting for my usual tighter month of October, realized I needed to prep my fall teaching term still, and hoped to get two backpacking trips in during my "slow" week/s. As per usual in fall, I've pulled in a bit and taken lots of time to just be also without really doing much of that which I should have been well, doing :)

But today is a perfect example of how it all just comes together:
--finished all of my massage course assignments (3 projects)
--finished final canning of the season w/ 3 batches of salsa
--finished my take home final that's due next week
--prepped all of my fall teaching courses (2 online & 2 in-person courses)
--and realized that I'll have more overlapping pay then I thought during my tighter month

Yesterday my current short term renter asked to stay until November, so financially I should make it thru my slower months just fine and actually might be able to make a bit more headway on that credit card.

The last week I also realized that I can only control so much and so I shouldn't stress as much about relationship stuff, but rather let it evolve and demonstrate itself. And I also read 2.5 books in the last week as well.

But seriously, some days it just all comes together right as I allow myself to start to feel a bit of panic about the situations of life. If I would just allow myself to trust life and all the small graces I have felt in the last few weeks, then life would truly feel pretty.darn.amazing....although truthfully it is already.

Oh add to that list that I also got to give/practice Thai massage today and make an awesome dinner....and all around it's been pretty darn stellar!

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  1. I struggle with managing stress, big time. I feel like the last 2 years have been so stressful between changes at work, my move and then moving back and adjusting to a new job where I don't feel all that comfortable/secure. I try to remind myself that worrying about it or obsessing over all the worst case scenarios isn't going to prevent them from happening. To counteract this stress, I am really trying to focus on the fun and positive things in my life because I know I have so much to be thankful for.

    You do sound so incredibly busy, though, so I hope you get to a point where life slows down a bit as it's tough to be on that hamster wheel non-stop!