Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dressing for Class, Dressing for Work

I still like tracking what I wear so that I can attempt to not wear the same thing twice while teaching. I'm also trying to figure out how to alter what I wear to class in order to wear it to work and not have to double up on laundry that way. Transitioning into massage wear has been interesting for me (I tend to like the more pulled together professional look!), but I think I'm getting the hang of it. Trying to still keep cute flats even with the yoga pant look least until someone tells me I can't :)

Trying out the maxi skirt (thrifted) look for a meeting:

Home lounge days (my favorites):

Class wear:
Altered into this for teaching wear: 

Class wear:
Which changed into this for teaching wear:

Coffee w the girls & errands:
(Which ironically a random gal in the coffee shop told me that I'd "nailed" the look with this one....sorta made my day that compliment.)

This started with that top & black yoga pants & changed into this for work wear:


Class wear & errands:
PS Anna's face! :)

Brunch date attire:
Similar work wear look: 
And no, I didn't cut my hair....but it's getting wavier lately!

Hmmm now what to wear to work tonight? BTW are skinny cords if I dress them up on top inappropriate for college instructors? Thoughts on this?! Thanks!


  1. I think skinny cords are totally appropriate for teaching as they are something I would wear to work. All of your outfits look so cute and pulled together. Your hair almost looks blond in that last photo!

    1. Thanks for the feedback about the skinnies :) I haven't tried it yet but think I will before the end of the term :) And yea, it's weird, my hair lightens and I get a few actual blond highlights in the fall of all times....every year since I was in the south. Weird but I sort of like that it changes color on it's own without dye :)

  2. I think skinny cords are a yes! for work. What brand are the black skinnyish pants you have on in one of the photos? I'm so impressed at what you kind find thrifting. What's the name of the thrift store you frequent? I feel like I just don't know how to layer things very well. My typical work outfit is black bootcut pants, a sweater and maybe a collared or ruffled shirt underneath it with a necklace. My fall/winter outfits often feel very blah. Love all the skirt looks here too!

    1. Both of you said yes to the skinnies so I'll have to try it before the end of the term! And the black skinnies are from Target so one of their brands. They're the higher waisted ones just because those sit better on me than low or most mid rise. And honestly I just got to the Goodwill up the street here in Beaverton. It can be hit or miss but generally I find some good steals! I agree that it can be so hard to change things up. I'm still battling with this as I adjust to massage school. I've gotten in the habit of just wearing the same things over and over but I'm too tired to care too much about it so far. You post some cute stuff though so I think you have more variety than you think :)

    2. For example in the above pictures, the following all were thrifted: gray and black knit skirts, the blue shirt, the lounge day at home patterned sweater, the maxi skirt, and then the platform sandals were 2nd hand from a gal pal. Most the other stuff (skirts, skinnies, cardis, ballet flats, and the long sleeved shirts) came from Target (either recent or several years ago)....with a few other stores or gifted items thrown in.